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Artists, Musicians, and Noodlers sketch David Bowie

December 11th, 2009

bowie_adrian_tomineComic writer and David Bowie fan Sean T. Collins has been collecting sketches of the Thin White Duke from various pencils-about-town for the past few years. He has scanned in most of this collection on his Flickr page. The sketch above was contributed by Adrian Tomine - the man behind one of my favorite downer comic books, Optic Nerve. I like Adrian’s melancholy Bowie, but to say that it is my favorite puts down the imagination that the series exhibits. They’re all so different, and they really speak to the sense of mysterious otherness that David Bowie has managed to build around himself over his lengthy career.

I’m glad Sean undertook the project. It goes to show that we really are in a golden era of curators. It takes a driven cultural collector to set out on a sweet project like this one with a will strong enough to amass such a specific and impressive collection.

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