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Yelp Poetry

February 17th, 2010

I happened across this local bar review on Yelp

Bartender Guy with the curly hair
Acting like he don’t care

You look like glen beck and crusty the clown
But you must know..I am the main carney in this town

Its good you turn down the lights in this wack ass place
With a crew so weak…what a disgrace

…and was pleased to see that the author had more works published in his portfolio. I wish that more people took the time to consider the form and not just the content of what they create online. I’m all for the genuine, but sometimes artifice is so much more fun.

Read all of his Yelp masterpieces here, including my favorite: a review of Northgate Mall in four couplets that artfully encapsulate an inspired, if typical, experience of contemporary shopping center life.

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